If you reside in San Jose, California and are in need of kitchen remodeling services, then you've come to the right place. We are one of the leading kitchen contractors in San Jose and are ready to serve your needs.

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home because that's where you  cook, share meals and also meet close friends and family. Because you spend a lot of time here, its no wonder you'd want to renovate.

As you know one way to improve your home would be to remodel this important room, thereby giving your house a new look. If you're ready for this, then we're there to help. Our team of experts know how to transform the room into the ideal kitchen.  With our years of experience, we can give insights on how to achieve your goal. Let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams.  Contact us today and start your kitchen renovation. We offer the best kitchen remodeling service in San Jose, California.

Remodeling your Kitchen

There's always a way to increase the kitchen space even though it may seem impossible and as kitchen contractors in San Jose we can help with that that. No matter the problem we can help make your dream kitchen a reality.

In the past designing a house was not really a necessity. Houses  just contained rooms which served a function. The parlor and the dining rooms where located in the front with the kitchen at the back. The kitchen was used only for cooking and nothing more.

But in in modern times, the kitchen takes other roles such as a dining room and sometimes even to receive visitors. And so the kitchen is no longer hidden, but has become a hub of sorts in the house. The present day definition of the kitchen now means a place for cooking and eating meals and somewhere to entertain some special guests. Also modern kitchens now demand aesthetics and more functionality like a larger store, great equipment, and counter tops, there may even be an art display.  We offer professional kitchen remodeling here in San Jose.

A Kitchen Addition

At times there may seem no way to add space to your kitchen. Even though you may need the space. With us doing your remodeling we will find the right way to expand your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

During kitchen remodeling, cabinet replacement or refurbishment is key. The way your kitchen will look is largely determined by the style of the cabinets, as well as their primary function of storage. We with our services you get to choose what color or style you want your cabinets to have, so that your kitchen will have an elegant appearance. Remodeling your kitchen also means deciding what type of handles and hinges your cabinets have. The whole process will revolve around your budget. As we offer several types of refurbishment services.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Modern kitchens now contain backsplashes, as they now represent more than a functionality. As modern kitchen designers we offer different types of backspashing with different styles such as appealing glass designs, concerted bricks, ceramic tiles all which can be found in modern houses.

Materials like stones and metals can be of great use when remodeling a kitchen. We also offer several types of products and materials to help remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are essential in determining the look of your kitchen. During kitchen remodeling choosing the right materials is also essential, materials needed will be granite, wood, quartz, Formica, tiles, and other solid materials.While granite is more widely used, materials like Formica are also effective as it is cheaper.

As with the materials homeowners also can choose the type of size, colour and edges they want the countertop to have.

Why choose to work with A. Tamam as your kitchen contractors in San Jose:

  • Remodeling your kitchen is no easy task, that's why need to hire us because.
  • We are offer the best kitchen remodeling in San Jose, California.
  • We understand the needs of our clients
  • We leave behind a clean work site
  • We offer quick efficient work

Our Other Services

Whatever type of kitchen remodeling service you need we've got you covered. Our services as one of the leading kitchen remodeling service in San Jose, California include:

  • Kitchen Design
  • Replacement and refurbishment of cabinets
  • Kitchen island installation and design
  • Cabinet hardware installation
  • Countertop installation with different materials
  • Light reconfiguration
  • Tile installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Plumbing repiping
  • Wall removal and renovation
  • Electrical installation
  • Kitchen sink installation

Weather you're interested in a remodel, addition or new construction, our experienced team of architects can provide you with complete design and planning services for your project.