The Great Bathtubs vs. Showers Debate: Part I

When remodeling or constructing a bathroom, there are many important decisions that need to be made. Would you like free-floating vanity, a pedestal sink, or something else altogether? What material do you want for the floor? Should you opt for brass or silver finishing for the lights? Perhaps the most important question of all is whether you should opt for a bathtub or shower. In this blog post, A. Tamam discusses the pros of cons of these two key bathroom fixtures. Part I will discuss bathtubs, while Part II will cover showers. 

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Bathtubs: Pros

  • Baths help relax your body and mind: If you’re an athlete or simply have to deal with daily stress (Who doesn’t?) bathtubs make for a great, end of day experience. Baths can ease sore muscles, calm anxiety, and even help relieve insomnia. There are also a lot of bathtub additives available to give you an even better bathing experience, such as epsom salts, bath bombs, bubble solutions, and more. Simply sit back with a cup of tea and your favorite scented candles, dim the lights, and let your troubles wash away.

  • Baths are ideal for bathing small children: If you have a little one in your house who still needs to be bathed, you will probably want to opt for a bathtub, as bathing children in a shower is next to impossible.

  • There are many sizes, styles, and features available: Tubs are available in standard, claw-foot, freestanding, soaking, whirlpool, walk-in, and more. Each of these options carries its own price, aesthetic, and benefits. Whirlpool tubs release massaging blasts of hot water, allowing you to have a spa experience in the comfort of your own home, while walk-in showers are a great option for elderly or disabled homeowners.

  • Bathtubs are important for resale value: According to a recent survey, nearly 51% of home buyers are opposed to a master bathroom with only a shower stall. People love to pamper themselves, which is why bathtubs are still considered a major commodity when it comes to the real estate market. If you are considering reselling your home at some point in the future, you may want to think twice about getting rid of your tub. Some home sellers even opt to install a tub in their master bathroom before listing their home to improve the odds of resale. 

Bathtubs: Cons

  • Bathtubs can be difficult for the elderly, disabled, or injured: Family members who are elderly, wheel-chair bound, or otherwise physically impaired may struggle to climb in and out of a traditional tub. While walk-in options are available, these come with a higher price tag and still can be less accessible than showers. 

  • Bathtubs can be difficult to clean: If you have ever tried to scrub the bottom of a big bathtub, then you know that it can be a struggle. Additionally, tubs accumulate dust, hair, and other grime if not cleaned regularly. While this is still an issue with showers, the accumulation is generally less visible and obstructive. 

  • Bathtubs take up more space: The average bathroom is just 5 x 8 feet, so maximizing the use of every inch is essential. A standard tub is 30 inches wide and as long as 72 inches, whereas showers average between 36 x 36 and 36 x 48 feet. If you are remodeling a smaller bathroom, then you’ll probably want to stick to a shower. 

  • Bathtubs generally use more water: If you want to save money on your water bills, then showers are the way to go. A bath consumes a fixed amount of water, anywhere from 25 to 40 gallons in a standard tub and 80 to 100 gallons in a whirlpool. On the other hand, showers (when kept to 10 minutes or under!) use about 20 gallons of water.


In Part II of this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of showers, and try to come to a conclusion about which option is best for your bathroom remodeling project. If you’re looking for even more advice and information about the great bathtubs vs. showers debate, get in touch with our design and construction experts now, or fill our online form for a free consultation. 

Feb 4, 2020 By admin