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Deciding to remodel your kitchen can be a big decision, let alone figuring out how exactly you want it to look. With so many elements to consider — from appliances, to lighting, to backsplashes, and more — settling on the perfect kitchen design can feel like an impossible feat. Fortunately, there are many popular kitchen design styles available that can provide you with a detailed template of what your new space should look like. In this blog post, we discuss six of the most popular kitchen design styles today, and share tips on how you can choose the perfect aesthetic for you. 

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Farmhouse kitchens evoke a classic country style, even if you live in the middle of the city. 

They are warm and homey, yet still offer exceptional functionality and comfort. The furniture usually features an eclectic mix of finishes to create a lived-in look. Most feature big kitchen tables that are perfect for dining and working, as well as open shelving, wide sinks, and wood flooring. Popular farmhouse colors include primary red, yellow, and blue as well as an eclectic mix of cream and yellow furniture finishes. For that authentic farmhouse feel, we recommend mixing rather than matching hues.


When we think of modern kitchens, we think of sleek, sexy, and sophisticated features that evoke mid-century masters, such as Eames and Cherner. Often, modern kitchens feature reflective surfaces and high-tech materials, as well as exotic, highly polished woods. Strong, horizontal lines are emphasized, and everything is marked by a lack of ornamentation, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to shine.


Whereas modern kitchens emphasize structure and grid, contemporary kitchens tend to be much more playful in form and finishes, including elements of other eras to create a unique, hodgepodge reflection of the times. They are the ultimate mix of functionality and family friendliness, featuring new and old world designs. Since today kitchens are gathering spaces just as much as places to cook, contemporary kitchens tend to have a lot of open space, so that there is plenty of room for people to collaborate and socialize.


Traditional kitchens are all about details, such as arches, corbels, crown moldings, raised-panel cabinets, and other timeless embellishments. The color palette and cabinetry finishes are generally kept to a neutral shade, versus the bold, eye-popping shades of modern and contemporary designs. For a splash of color, however, many traditional kitchens opt for the addition of luxury countertops made of quartz, granite, or imitation marble. Another common feature is ornate or decorative lighting, such as classic chandeliers. 


As the latest new trend in the world of kitchen design, transitional kitchens might be thought of as the great moderator between traditional and contemporary designs. Combining the warmth and welcome of traditional kitchens with the clean, simple lines of contemporary designs, transitional kitchens emphasize balance. If your family is unable to settle on a single kitchen design, transitional kitchens make for the perfect compromise.


Much like farmhouse kitchens, cottage kitchens emphasize a quaint charm that can provide the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Cottage kitchens are cozy, cheery, and unpretentious, evoking a sense of easy, carefree living. Featuring imperfect finishes, beadboard paneling, soft colors, and homespun touches, cottage kitchens are the perfect backdrop for avid antiquers and flea marketers to display their whimsical, vintage finds. 

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